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Our solutions, for whom?

A wide range of software packages are available to meet your needs :

  • Simplified telephone traffic analysis (GT Enterprise)
  • Advanced telephone traffic analysis (GTV2)
  • Rebilling of your customers’ telephone consumptions (GT Phone'Hotel)
  • Monthly credit allocation to your employees (GT Prepaid)

GlobalTax solutions adapt to your use: call accounting software for all

Whether to monitor missed calls of a small or medium sized business or to rebill patient calls of a retirement home, GT Enterprise is the ideal solution for managing 1-200 telephones. Its simple and ergonomic interface allows you to have access, in a few clicks, to the desired information.

Want further statistics? Automated reporting? Or to centralize multiple geographical sites?

GTV2 allows more advanced settings while maintaining a user experience similar to versions for small capacity. Thanks to the emailing of pre-configured reports (Excel / csv / PDF), it is no longer necessary to manipulate the software.

Looking for a way to quickly and easily charge calls and products consumed in your hotel ? Try GT Hotel Prevent unpaid thanks’ to prepayment.

Control your budget with the GT Prepaid range by allocating monthly (or weekly) credit to your employees in an automated way.