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Telephone bill audit

An audit focuses on the direct costs of telecom services–the billing received from vendors–finding errors and correcting them. A professional phone bill audit optimizes existing telecom services and reduces costs without necessarily making carrier changes.

There are two distinct economic benefits from performing an audit :

  • Find billing errors that have been going on for some time, correct them and request a refund of the overbilling.
  • Correcting these problems reduces ongoing costs

An audit may reveal that multiple providers are providing the same service to an organization. Consolidating this volume and negotiating with one vendor can significantly reduce the hard costs and reduce the number of bills and the amount of time required to manage multiple vendors.

Need an analysis of your telephone traffic ?

GT2F offers versions that can be used for a limited time, at attractive prices. Do an analysis for 1 or 2 months or simply try our software. You can also monitor only a few extensions of your installation!

Do not wait and contact our sales department. We will do our best to help you.

Get a permanent audit by opting for a final version :

Daily, benefit from a telecom audit to reduce costs, improve the quality of the telephone service, get a detailed analysis of costs, of transmission/reception duration and know the allocation by entity (posts / services / sites).


The audit allows to take stock of your company telecom situation at an appointed time.