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>May 2018

VGT Entreprise Full WEB

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Important « INFO 2016 »

From 2016, GTH, GTV2 and GT 1.8 version licenses over 1 year in 2015 will no longer be supported.

GTE 1.8 and GTH are no longer available: replaced by GTE V2015 and GTHOSP full web.

Migrations are therefore required to ensure the proper functioning of our software to your customers. These migrations also allow you to renew your maintenance contract for 1 year.

Then, anticipate your costumers’ GT2F software migrations.

Indeed, as a result of a GT2F change of range : 2015 full web version, virtualized with new features implemented and to respond to the developments in operating systems (Windows), in operator rates and PBX versions, older versions are from now on "obsolete" and licenses before 2015 are no longer supported without migration and maintenance contract.

Do not delay, Subscribe now! Offer your costumers a better software performance, allowing them to benefit from our latest full web generation with more features and this will allow you, besides, to renew your maintenance contract and access to our support for 1 year.

Ask for the list of your licenses with their in-service date : Do not hesitate and ask for your migration now!

* Conservation of data possible according to selected migration. For more information, contact the sales department.

GT2F provides a technical support for the products of the GlobalTax range

Telecom partners will have free access to support during the first two years following purchase of the software. Over this period of 1 years, consider renewing your support access to get your updates for a given license.

To have access to GT2F technical support, the GT user will have to subscribe a one-year "User" contract.

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