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In practice

Saving more on telecommunications expenditures requires tracking and understanding usage, also known as Call Accounting. Comprehensive Call Accounting systems record through details on all inbound and outbound calls.

Rate optimization

Benefits of implementing a Call Accounting system like GLOBALTAX:

Proper cost allocations and controls within your enterprise

  • The primary use of Call Accounting is devoted to properly allocating telecom expenses to the right business unit, department or employee code. This visibility gives your organization the ability to evaluate how each department or employee is performing against plan.

Proper cost allocations and controls within your enterprise

  • By aggregating call expenses by carrier and type, such as fixed line long distance or mobile device texting, Call Accounting allows your organization to negotiate better rates with carriers or institute enterprise-wide policies to help control usage.

Network and resource optimization

  • From call routing efficiencies to capacities on data delivery, Call Accounting systems can help enterprises identify a wide range of improvements. For example, your company may be able to examine queue times and abandoned calls to improve human resource allocations. Or perhaps, you are able to re-evaluate trunking configurations to reduce outages.

Reduced management time

  • Using a manual process to properly tracking telecom usage is extremely inefficient and time consuming. By using a Call Accounting system, such as GLOBALTAX by GT2F, you can free your staff to perform the analysis you need to make decisions, rather than spend most of the time gathering and inputting data