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How to gain productivity

Want to increase your productivity ? Nothing easier with GT2F’s call accounting software !

GlobalTax call Accounting software offer multiple advantages to boost your productivity :

Improve Employee Productivity

  • Globaltax Call Acconting software can help businesses improve employee productivity by tracking individual and group telephone performance. Managers can discover who their most productive employees are with phone call tracking software by analyzing key call indicators such as: number of incoming calls received, number of outgoing calls made, average length of calls, and destination of calls (local, internal, international, etc.).

    Extension detail reports will further give insight into an employee’s productivity level by seeing how much time was spent on each call, what the most expensive and longest calls were, and how many calls it took to reach a sale. Call information, such as this, allow managers to compare one employee against the group, and as a result, identify those employees who may need extra training or help. Important summary and detail reports can be automatically emailed to managers to help set daily, weekly, and monthly quotas and goals.

Decrease Phone Abuse and Toll Fraud

  • Organizations can decrease phone abuse by monitoring where calls are being made. Globaltax call accounting allows managers to sort information by call types, including information calls, 900 calls, operator assisted calls, and excessive long distance calls. Cutting down on phone abuse could save an organization hundreds of dollars each month.

    Businesses can also save money by eliminating toll fraud. Many organizations are victims of toll fraud, or the unauthorized use of a company’s phone system. To combat toll fraud, directors can setup custom exception reports such as after-hours/weekend activity, long-duration/high-cost calls, short-duration incoming calls and "800" number usage to track "800" to "900" numbers.

GT2F’s solutions adapt to your installation. Install our software and discover for yourself the benefits of a tool dedicated to your telephone flow management.