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Designed for hospitality sector

GT-HOSP is the ideal tool for call accounting management.

Manage your hotel, retirement home, resort, convention center or clinical with an easy-to-use and an accurate real time method of billing.

Incoming and outgoing calls analysis.

GT HOSP for Hospitality is engineered to provide a cost-effective way to increase revenue in hotel, hospital and shared tenant environments. Discover the lucrative and accurate way to charge your telephone calls.

Front-Offices gateways : PMS (Fidelio and others).
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Give your customers or patients a custom home with :

- DDI allocation
- Wake-up management
- Room status
- Rapid check-in / check-out
- Pre-payment mode

Charge calls from your residents through :

- Unit and duration billing
- Add surcharges, taxes, markups and custom rates
- Product management and billing
- Customized guest tariffs

Simplify your life with :

- Full WEB interface - Graphical User Interface (GUI)
- Mono and multi-site management
- Incoming and outgoing calls analysis
- Complete guest rooms and administrative reports
- Plug and play setup / easy-to-use