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GT Enterprise V.2015

The solution for small and medium businesses (mono & multi-site)

With GT Call accounting software, track incoming, outgoing and/or internal phone calls in real-time within specific departments. With GT's intuitive Windows-based user interface, little training and maintenance is required and installation is quick and easy.

GT Call accounting works with every PBX and includes comprehensive reports that detail specific extensions, departments and accounts that allow users to easily track employee productivity and prevent against unauthorized phone usage.

The simple and real-time calls analysis give you the control over the phone trafic in all your company.

You need to bill the calls to your customers, improve your phone reception quality or also to control abuses and behaviours.

This solutions is what you need.

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Manage your telecom phone system from 12 to 200 extensions :

- Full web interface
- A multi-PC remote consultation
- Handle outgoing and incoming calls
VCalls per hour, per day, per destination ...
VCalls per extension, per department, business code ...
V20 most called/expensive numbers ...

- Predefined queries with multi-criteria filters
- Export the queries to Excel or CSV

Reduce your expenses

- Billing control
- Controlling Telephone Misuse
- Long Distance Bill Verification

Improve client relationship and employees productivity :

- The detailed analysis of your incoming / outgoing calls
- Alerts on consumption
- Missed calls and ringing duration
- The analysis of the performance of your employees


We acquired in July 2008, a GTE software license published by GT2F. This tool allowed to SAVELYS DR Ouest to analyze the NANTES agency's communication flows with the challenge to improve our helpline. The GTE software gave full satisfaction.

Nathalie Cabrol, Chef du Service Recouvrement/Animation