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Manufacturers attest

Our Technological Partner GT2F, is distributing call accounting solutions across our common distribution channels for many years.

Due to new requirements coming from both hospitaly & healthcare customers, GT2F has committed to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution addressing those specific needs.

GT2F is a well-known contributor for adding value around IP Office plat-form. Their new solutions strengthen Avaya strategy for being successful on midmarket and hospitality market.
Nicolas Rayner, Channel SE Manager, MidMarket Solution Specialist Avaya France - June 2014
The GT2F company has developed an innovative application, specific to our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communication equipment which can transform the so far manual management of pre payment credit for our customers.

Software developed by GT2F offers a substantial improvement over existing tools and represents a real innovation. In addition, it uses new technologies for application development and complements a complete software suite.

GT2F has been certified at the highest level of our AAPP Application Partner ( Alcatel Lucent Application Partner Program ) ecosystem.

To whom it may concern.
Roch Muraine - Marketing Director Africa and Middle East - 2011
By the present letter of recommendation we confirm our partnership with GT2F for its GlobalTax Call Accounting and communication management and analysis products.

Why did we choose GT2F and GlobalTax?

- GlobalTax solutions are fully compatible with our Aastra Intelligate and Aastra PBX. GT2F demonstrated their openness and their ability to quickly adapt their solutions to technical queries of our equipment.

- GlobalTax solution match customer demand in the Swiss market. Competitive, intuitive, comprehensive, easy to use products requiring minimal training for end users.

- GlobalTax Solutions meet the needs of our distribution partners and installers. Products are easy and quick to install. High-quality, effective and dedicated technical support.

Today, all of our french-speaking Swiss distribution partners know and install GlobalTax solutions. Hundreds of installations have been in service since 2006, in all kinds of businesses and to all of our custumers' satisfaction.

In fact, GT2F is currently number 1 in Switzerland french area. This succes is also due to the exvellent quality of the technical and commercial support offered by GT2F for both our parnters and our end customers.

Given the repeated successes, we suggested GT2F to officialy certify their GlobalTax solutions through our A2P2 Certified Member program.

From now on, GlobalTax is part of the products qualified on Aastra IntelliGate and Aastra 400 since December 2011.

We look forward to a German Swiss version for our German customers.

We can therefore only recommend GT2F and its GlobalTax Call Accounting solutions to any future client.
Manfred Gächter - Sales Director SME / Michel Miéville - Head of Sales SME French Area - 2012
Globaltax : a simple and low-cost call accounting

Give up all your prejudices on the taxation softwares complexity and from now test the new Globaltax demonstration version which is especially adapted to the Tiptel 4011XT central.

Extremely user-friendly, this software allows your customers to visualize their consumption, per extension or service in real time thanks to the CDR.

They can therefore analyze the calls frequency according to the hours or the days of the week, with graphics very simple to interpret.

This software new version 1.7 permits, from now on, to export personal requests under Excel in order to adapt even more efficiently to your customers' needs.

With this billing system, you can really offer a true asset to your customer, adapted even to the small budgets, and without losing time in complicated explanations. In a few minutes, your customer controls the software.
France, TIPTELNEWS n°2 - October 2003
We have been distributing Panasonic PBX for 9 years in France. Having only CDRs billing in those PBX, we have been forced to search for external billing software suppliers able to fit with our furniture.

The GT2F Company supplies this type of softwares and has incremented our CDR format in its basis, what makes it compatible will the entire PBX KX-TDA 15/30/100/200/600 line .

We use ourselves their solution within Panasonic France.

The assets :

- Ease of use
- Ease of use for the user with possibility to get different using reports
- Port LAN function
- Used by a great number of installers in France
France, Mohand AIT-DJOUDI - 2005