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Success stories

They trust us.

As provider of PMS OPERA / Fidelio Suite8 (Oracle Hospitality), we collaborate with many companies like GT2F and our first experience with GT2F took place in Benin in 2016 as part of the opening of a new hotel and a second success with an hotel in Belgium.

GT2F has fully understood the requirements of the hospitality industry and offers a complete system that can manage rooms directly from the PMS (barring/unbarring lines, phone charges, housekeeping room status, wake-up calls, Minibar charges, ...).

At each installation, the collaboration with GT2F was efficient, fast, both on site and remotely. We look forward to working with GT2F again in the future.

Xavier Neyts Assistant Operations Manager PMS Van Hessen nv – Belgique – décembre 2017
It was with great pleasure that I had to collaborate on a project with the CFAO
for the installation of a system and set up of a GT2F innovative prepaid solution sized for the users of the Governmental agency of information technology

During this period, you have been fully implicated in the several missions you were in charge of, by showing initiatives, determination and unwavering professionalism to achieve objectives.

Conscientious, available and responsive, you have been an exemplary partner who brought to the agency a full satisfaction. I am sure you demonstrate the same skills within your organization.
Thiendella KEBE / Télécom Departmental Head - Governmental agency of information technology - September 2015
Groupe Hospitalier Saint Augustin
Hospitality - PABX OXE - 200 EXTENSIONS

We trusted GT2F team for the replacement of our call accounting software for the switchboard of our private hospital and we have not been disappointed.
The users appreciate the simplicity, the ergonomics and the technical team was very available for the configuration and the training during the implementation. This solution perfectly meets our needs. Thank you to all of the GT2F team .

Henrick LEPIOUFF / Saint Augustin Hospital Group - Logistics Director - CAHPP Group - June 2015
DSI Datacom
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your company on the excellent work that they did for our client, Merrill Field Inn. We have worked with many companies over the years, and your company stands out for how effectively and quickly it addressed our needs and followed up with the commitments it made to our client and our company. It was impressive.

Your efforts enabled our company to complete an installation that had been going badly with another software provider. Within two weeks from our initial contact, your company enabled us to deliver a completed and fully operational system to displace the system we had been struggling with for two years.

We were especially appreciative of the responsiveness of your company in providing our client with a system designed for the North American market that was easy to install, integrated well with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX RCE and offered well designed features that were easy to use.
The GT2F hospitality products offer the functionality, simplicity of operation and pricing that will finally enable the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX RCE realize its potential in the hospitality market for small to medium size properties.

We look forward to working with GT2F on future projects, and please feel free to use us as a reference for other prospective customers. I am sure they will be as impressed as we were with your company.
NOEL JANDA / DSI Inc / DSI Datacom / Anchorage, USA- June 2015
It was a good support from you, appreciate it !
Mohammed Jaseem / ICT Support Engineer - Telephony Telecommunication & Electronics Tech L.L.C - June 2016
ATLANTIC GROUP - 3000 extensions - 11 sites
Hereby, we wish to show our satisfaction as using GTv2. In fact, our current equiments did not allow us to have a precise visibility on our telephone traffic. We needed a flexible and easy-to use solution, adapting itself to the already existing PBX to manage our different telephone platforms and have a visibility on the activity of each of them ( 180 gents working on different geographical sites ) .

95% of our calls relate to customer service; that's why we wished to have the means to analyze efficiently the calls to offer our clients quality of service and reactivity. Our plan was therefore to put in place a system that could centralize all our sites' data.

We have chosen GT2F for its Corporate Customers solution for we wanted our different sites to be independent regarding the call acounting management. The PBX proprietary software that we had being too complex for users, we chose an intuitive, simple to use solution.

Thanks to this new tool, we can have a global vision on our telephone traffic but also make very thorough inquiries to analyze the flow at best. In the way, we van configure our reports, customize them and receive automatically by e-mail one a month.

We are truly satisfied.
France, PBX ALCATEL OXE/OXO, Philippe CACHEUX - Computer and Telecom Manager - 2009
APPRO-COM, one of the main AASTRA wholesaler in France, was established with the belief that with good partnerships, hard work and always putting the Customer first, we could build a relevant and lasting company.

We found in the partnership we are leading for more than six years with GT2F exactly the same motivation.

With GT call accounting software, the team of GT2F deploy on the communication management marketplace highly successful solutions, specifically appropriate with the pbx AASTRA 400 series.

All the communication management projects we submit them are completed in a timely manner with the same high quality of service, from the feasibility study to the technical support after-sales, at a very reasonable total cost.

Because the all team is really organized and very professional, their software solutions as far one of the best on the communication tax marketplace and their reputation excellent, we recommend systematically GT2F to our customers “two thumbs up from us”.
France, PBX Aastra, Christian Mestre, CEO, 2012
Executive Tax Services
Dear Sir,

The department Taxation Services Management was searching for a software solution allowing to manage the telephone incoming and outgoing flows for all those installations.

This solution had also to allow to carry trough customized requests for specific questions, with graphical restitutions.

We have chosen the GTV2 multi-sites software solution developed by your company. From now on, this solution has been installed for a few months and it entirely meets our needs.<

I hope that our partnership will perpetuate in order you to make us profit from the future transformations that you will bring to this software solution.

Faithfully yours.
France, PBX AASTRA, Michel DANY - Principal inspector - 2009
The retailment student office home of Paris (CROUS)
The retailment student office home of Paris acquired many years GT2F software for autocoms MATRA managed by former domestic service.

In 2010, the TOIP migration has been completed and it is the service of Information Systems, which took over the management of the billing.

The company GT2F accompanied the retailment student office home of Paris to adapt the software to new requirements.
The choice of material is CISCO telephony (7XXX) PBX with CUCM version 7 integrated with Active Directory in Windows 2008 to 250 telephones on one site.

The retailment student office home of Paris continued to use this software for its simplicity and highly competent technical support. The software is installed on a virtual machine under VMware. The reports are very simple and easy to understand.

Since late 2012, GT2F grew in maturity, stability and speed. Today, the software manages the billing telephone 400 IP stations spread over 20 sites. The retailment student office home of Paris is very satisfied with this software.
France, PBX Cisco, Chaofeng Yu, IT Director, 2013
ASCOM, one of the major AASTRA retailers in the SWISS markets, has being selling the GT2F’s software since 2006 and is completely satisfied with it.

We have equipped companies of any size in all sectors with the GT2F call accounting software.
Among our references with GT2F, we can count :

- Fondation Silo multisite Echichens et Féchy : Multi-sites
- EMS Faverge : Billing for resident….
- Cité Radieuse : billing for resident
- And several other retirement home

GT2F’s software perfectly meets our customers’ needs (reduce cost, boost productivity, billing …..)
GT2F’s products are fully compatible with the AASTRA Intelligate and A400, A470 and its technical support has always been willing to help.
What’s more, their rates are very competitive and their software has a very friendly interface.

We recommend GT2F’s software to all AASTRA telecom partners that look for call accounting solution.
Switzerland, PBX AASTRA, Paul Schrok - Product Manager SR - October 2012
Carrefour Dubai
First of all GT software is very user friendly and very readable.

In GlobalTax reports you have the option to trace “unanswered calls” which is very usefull.

Example : I am creating an efficency report for customer service satisfaction. In order to this I am comparing the unanswered calls vs answered.i can analyze between which time unanswered calls increased and even we can callback the customer later(unanswered number plus even the ring duration is showing in the report).

In other call accounting software you have to arrange your “filter” step by step and after confirming you will receive the report.

However in GT report when you arrange filter,directly you can see the result on screen means you don’t have to create report to see the result.

My opinion GT gives more flexibility to IT Manager to monitor and analyze their phone flow

Dubai, PBX ALCATEL OXO, Aziz - IT Manager of Carrefour DUBAI - 2010