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GT2F offers customers a complete range of software to manage telecom expenses and services.

With over 7000 customers, GT2F is the supplier of telephone traffic analysis solutions in the best position to meet your needs.

GT2F is the result of 14 years of research and development in telecom management.

GT2F is a software package editor dedicated to call accounting software and telecommunication management. The financial management of telecom arrives at the top of a large number of businesses.

The two founders of the company have therefore the idea of offering an innovative solution allowing to realize a simulation of operators rates thanks to a both easy-to-use and efficient calculation module.

GT2F is a multicultural company with a human face. Its success is based on three core values: solid products, customer satisfaction and a strong policy with regard to research and development.

With several thousand installations, 10 years in business and a reputation for excellent customer service and technical support, GT2F is one of the leaders of european call accounting software provider for hotels and businesses.

The growth of the company allows an investment of 40% per year in research and development. Developed applications enable companies to analyze, manage and control communications with a simple and robust interface.

Our call accounting software is distributed in 30 countries, on all continents, with over 7,000 active licenses. Among the clients who trust us, are: administrations, industries, banks, retirement homes, hotels and companies of any size and in any sector.

With the support of an international distribution network, rich of hundreds telecom integrators, GT2F maintains a close collaboration with the development teams of the leading telecom equipment manufacturers. We are certified on numerous communication platforms.

The company dynamism allows regular creation of new application modules while maintaining the GT software line.