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Cost reduction

Communication facilities are the essential lifeline to every business. It is imperative to accurately determine whether business communication infrastructure is functioning smoothly and effectively.

Some businesses make it a practice to bill employees for excessive non-business and long distance calls. In many cases, the call accounting system acts as a watchdog and reduces personal activity. This results in more right to business calls and greater productivity. Some studies suggest that proper telecom accountability can result in a 10% to 30% savings in telecom expenses.

According to ARCEP, a telephone costs 350 € per year in fixed telephony, equipment and service not included

The use of GT2F softwares allows to save on average up to 30% on your telecom bill.

How is this possible? – A better control :

GlobalTax call accounting solutions allow you to have a better view on your traffic telecoms. This allows you to better adjust your spending for each telephone in your company. (Who does what, when, how?)

How does this work on? - It is very simple :

From the consumption alert to the sending of automated reports, through the analysis of live traffic, the software keeps an eye for you on the telecom activity with a very user-friendly interface.

Join the companies that succeed in the challenge of the telecom cost reduction!