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In this time of crisis, the profits of a company are in achieving sales and above all in the control and the decrease in the operating costs.

Communication facilities are one of the most taxing expenditures. GT2F provides the necessary call management tools to reduce expenses and increase the bottom line.

In this context of crisis and global search for competitiveness, the challenge of the IT market is to provide the companies with innovative and productive solutions enabling them to reduce costs.

Faced with an ever-increasing competition in all sectors, customer relationship has become a major challenge to stand out.
Recognizing this reality, the telecom actors offer many solutions to support business growth.

Monetize your business telephony

Cost reduction

Communication facilities are the essential lifeline to every business. It is imperative to accurately determine whether business communication infrastructure is functioning smoothly and effectively.

Some businesses make it a practice to bill employees for excessive non-business and long distance calls. In many cases, the call accounting system acts as a watchdog and reduces personal activity. This results in more right to business calls and greater productivity. Some studies suggest that proper telecom accountability can result in a 10% to 30% savings in telecom expenses.

The use of GT2F software allows to save on average up to 30% on your telecom bill !

Verticalized solutions to meet your needs !
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key figures

61%is the percentage of companies with 50 to 199 employees for which telecom is an important item of expenditure.

3500€is the average amount of annual phone bills for more than 40% of companies. This figure rises to € 5,000 for 17% of them.

29%the rate for which SMB telephone expenses are deemed "important."

According to a 2012 survey Opinionway