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Control your phone system

Who does what, when, how ?

GT call accounting solutions allow you to have a better view on your traffic telecoms.

From the consumption alert to the sending of automated reports, through the analysis of live traffic, the software keeps an eye for you on the telecom activity with a very user-friendly interface. This allows you to better adjust your spending for each telephone in your company.

How does this work on ?

With the help of our business solutions, monitor your call flow immediately. Thanks to a real-time call management, you can at any time :

VCall back partners who have tried to reach you without success
VKnow the status of your prospecting calls (number of customers called since the beginning of the day / week and so on ...)
VDetect anormal consumption (definition of alert according to cost thresholds, number of calls ...)

Do not wait anymore your operator invoices to control your telephone traffic. GT solutions ensure you a real-time control of your traffic.