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Why do you need call accounting ?

Take control of your business phones

You HAVE to know what is going on when it comes to employee use of your company’s telephones.

“On average, over 22 percent of telephone calls made during business hours are not business related, which is what makes call motoring products invaluable to guard against lost productivity, lost revenue, and higher telephone costs.”

But we’ve got the solutions that you need : our call accounting software. GT2F let you know where your costs are being incurred by analyzing all of your telephone activity.

Why do you need call accounting

Reason 1


Controlling Telephone Abuse. It's the 90-10 rule. 10% of your people spend their days on long distance calls to their friends and family. The others work. By knowing who is calling where and how much they are spending on each call is useful in controlling costs. Often, they appreciate being told that they are spending money... BIG MONEY, and they stop.

Reason 2


Controlling Telephone Misuse. It has been documented that you could call between two major cities for five cents per minute or up to $1.00 per minute.

Reason 3


Allocating phone calling costs among site, departments and divisions.

Reason 4


Billing clients and projects back for phone charges incurred on their behalf. Every attorney, government contractor, and the like does it. Why? Because it makes sense.

Reason 5


Sharing and resale of long distance and local phone calls, as in the hotel/motel industry, hospitals, shared condominiums/office spaces, etc. In fact with a GT Call Accounting System you can be your own phone company.

Reason 6


Motivation of sales people. The more phone calls they make, the more they sell. This is a rule that is as obvious as the nose on your face. You WANT salespeople to make more calls ?!?! Hang a list of their calls on the wall. Give prizes to those who make the most calls during the day/month.

Reason 7


Personnel Evaluation. Which employees are doing better at being productive on the phone (however you define "productive")? Do you want them to get off the phone quickly? or do you want them to stay on the line and coddle your customers? You can now correlate phone calls with income- from service or just straight out sales.

Reason 8


Phone System Diagnostics. Is your phone system working as well as it should? Are all of the lines working? Are all of the circuit packs operational? Call Accounting Systems can tell you which lines you're getting traffic on, or which line carried the 48 hour long call to Germany (it has happened). Either way, you can figure quickly which lines are working and which are not.

Reason 9


Long Distance Bill Verification. Was the bill received from the chosen long distance carrier accurate? Most times, it isn't. In fact there is no such thing as an "accurate" phone bill. That's an oxymoron. Using your Call Accounting System to check your long distance gives you peace of mind. It's an extremely affordable peace of mind that everyone should have.

Reason 10


Now that many phones give you Caller ID of the person calling, Call Accounting Systems are turning out to be the greatest investment for checking the effectiveness of regional ad campaigns, figuring the profitability of direct mailings and even figuring the profitability of individual customers.